Our Services

Mobile pet care salons are the preferred choice of today's busy professionals.  With today's hectic lifestyles it has become harder to meet all the family needs.  Will ease your burden by providing the care you want and your pet deserves, in a fully equipped state of the art van at your home or office.  Your pet will be groomed with exclusive time and attention.

Dog-Gone Groomin offers the following accommodations and benefits for you and your pet:

  • Pet care consultation - to ensure the services your pet will receive are what you expect
  • Use of safe products and procedures
  • No Cage drying
  • No separation anxiety
  • No car sickness

Our van is fully self contained and equipped with today's technological advances:

  • Hot and Cold water - for comfortable temperature bathing
  • Heat and Air Conditioning - for comfortable grooming
  • Generator for all electrical needs
  • Full size tub
  • Super Suds System - ensures a clean, well groomed pet
  • Force dryers
  • Central vacuum
  • Hydraulic grooming table to easily handle larger breeds
  • Soothing music for your pet to enjoy
  • Clean and Sterile environment


Are you going on vacation, a business trip, working long hours, or cannot get around like you used to? Dog-Gone Walkin allows owners to confidently leave their pets home, knowing that they will receive the love and care they so rightly deserve. 

Our services include:
  • Pet sitting
  • Pet walking
  • Late night sitting
  • Administration of medicine
  • Pet transportation
  • Pet waste removal
Knowing your pets are well cared for eases the stress and gives you peace of mind. Your Personal Pet Sitter will come to your home up to five times per day to love and care for your pets. Regular walks, fresh food and water, or a clean litter box are all part of the service. Of course, lots of love and affection are included free.  Dog-Gone Walkin adds a little personal touch by giving the house a "lived in" look (i.e. alternating lights, adjusting blinds), retrieving mail and newspapers, watering indoor plants, and taking garbage cans out for trash day and all of these services are included in our fee.
Our dog-walking services are meant to empower your pet and give him the exercise and fulfilling life style every dog desires. We offer a wide range of dog walking options in order to best match you and your dogs activity level. Additionally, at Dog-Gone Walkin, we are committed to being there for you twenty-four hours a day, Rain or Shine.
At Dog-Gone Groomin and Dog-Gone Walkin, we promise that you and your pet will be Dog-Gone Happy with us!